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About Us

Who We Are

Amplicity Partners is a key strategic advisor for alternative investment managers assessing growth and strategic opportunities. 
We deliver blunt, independent and unbiased assessments of strengths and weaknesses and work with clients to navigate critical inflection points.

Formulating and executing strategic initiatives

In the changing world of alternative investments, to be successful, managers need to prioritize and position their products effectively. 

We deliver a blunt, independent and nonbiased assessment of strengths and vulnerabilities.

We work with you to navigate and implement key decisions and initiatives at critical inflection points. 

Preparing investment management firms to raise institutional capital

Raising institutional capital is a complex and complicated process. In a crowded investment management landscape, managers have a limited opportunity to make an investment case to institutional investors.

There are many facets to raising capital.  We work collaboratively with you as a key partner facilitating access to capital through our thoughtful and creative process and network of partners.


Formulating and executing strategic initiatives

Suite of services includes:

  • Best Practices and Risk Assessment

  • Framework for evaluating opportunties

  • Sequencing and prioritization

  • Product gap analysis

  • Evaluation of the competitive landscape

  • Assessment of product profitability

  • Client messaging and branding

Preparing investment management firms to raise institutional capital

Suite of services includes:

  • Investor due diligence gap analysis and remediation

  • Guidance on fund terms and structure 

  • Coordination with capital solutions providers and advisors

  • Assessment and development of marketing materials 

  • Creation of internal and external FAQs 

  • Enhancement of investor reporting

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